Elevator Pitch: Maximum Effect - Minimum Time

Dec 01, 20208 min read

Business people need to do a lot to achieve success. Read how the elevator pitch is an excellent example of how to produce the desired effect in a limited time.

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Freelance Writing Jobs: 7 Tips for Newbies

Nov 26, 20206 min read

Today, freelance writing jobs are trendy because of many reasons. Find out here how to start from scratch and become a well-paid freelance author now.

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Applicant Tracking System - Why Do Recruiters Need It?

Nov 18, 20205 min read

Today, all business processes are increasingly accelerating. Find out here how an applicant tracking system can help with the recruitment optimization process.

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Gaps in Resumes: 5 Solutions to Amend the Situation

Oct 28, 202014 min read

Not all job seekers can show related and continuous work experience. So, how do applicants get the wanted job if they have some gaps in resumes? Find out here.

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How to Deal with Jealous Coworkers and Change the Situation for the Better?

Oct 21, 202014 min read

Many of us encounter such negative manifestations of human nature as envy and jealousy. Find out how to deal with jealous coworkers in an office environment.

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Job Search Sites - 7 Best Places for Finding Jobs in the US

Oct 16, 20206 min read

Millions of people are constantly looking for work in the US. Thanks to modern technology, you can easily find work using the services of job search sites.

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Remote Work Tips - Working During COVID-19

Sep 30, 20209 min read

Due to the pandemic the issue of employee safety and business survival is very acute. Find out some remote work tips here and make sure your life stays intact.

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Internship Resume Is on Your Mind? 7 Tips to Stand Out

Sep 21, 20209 min read

Internship is an essential step towards a prestigious job. Hence, the proper preparation of the internship resume is critical. Check out this article with tips.

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Marketing Specialist Resume - a Professional Guide

Sep 16, 202011 min read

Successful business is impossible without marketing. So, how to become an expert marketer fast? The first step is reading our marketing specialist resume guide.


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