Freelance Writing Jobs: 7 Tips for Newbies

With new technology development, such a service as writing original texts has also evolved and has great demand. Freelance writing jobs allow people to plan their day and not waste time traveling to the office and back. If you want to start working as a freelance writer, you will probably be looking forward to getting a high income. Many new freelancers expect to earn a lot from the beginning, but the situation is a little more complicated.

Somebody's writing skills are highly paid, but it does not necessarily mean that this is the best path for you to follow. Some authors earn $5 on Fiverr for performing a 1,000-word article, while others get $100 and more for a paper of the same size. The matter is that there is no one-fits-all solution to how to become a sought-after and successful freelance writer. All writing jobs require persistence, willingness to work, self-discipline, and a little luck.

In general, decent compensation for writing depends on your skills, experience, and the quality of papers done. It is also essential to research the market and determine which types of freelance writing jobs are better paid. In that way, you will be able to plan your future career as a freelancer. If you are interested in earning a stable income and, possibly, getting retired earlier, consider the following tips on making money in the industry of freelance writing.

1. Write and Share Your Writings

The best way to become a good author is to write. Also, aspiring writers have to share their work with others. For that, you can use Medium, Tumblr, or any other blogging platform. In that way, you can practice, shape your style, and understand your writing strengths and weaknesses. Apart from developing your writing skills, a blog can serve you as a useful showcase of your texts.

Resumes still play a significant role in many professions. With online writing jobs, your best works can tell a lot about your expertise. A blog is a portfolio of your best articles and papers, no matter where they are posted. You can use specialized websites or job portals for receiving orders. You can send links to your blog to all potential customers and offer to write full-fledged materials for them.

2. Learn to Propose Ideas

Freelancers spend much of their time sending out ideas to various online editions. If you are lucky, an editor will like your ideas one day, and you will have a strong partnership with that person. Proposing ideas is a grueling and confusing task. Probably not a single writer enjoys generating ideas. At first, you will be sending thoughts to many Internet resources, getting refusals, or not receiving any answers at all.

The main point is not to give up since a refusal from a potential customer is an ordinary part of freelance writing jobs online. Each publisher and online agency can have a particular vision about what is convenient for them. First, make sure to discover the style and niche of an online resource for which you intend to write. Then, offer them a neat, clear, and concise idea.

Editors receive tons of emails every day. So, try not to write an email with no more than two or three paragraphs. Provide answers to all possible questions, briefly describe your idea, and explain why it might be interesting for their audience. Attach some links to your previous written works on the given topic. Waiting for an answer is the worst part of the process. If there is no response within a week, you can write to the customer again.

You can mention in your email that you want to remind them about your previous message and clarify whether they are interested in your idea. It never hurts to let the editor know that you are going to suggest this idea to another company. However, you should not write more than two emails to the editor from whom you have not received an answer.

3. It Should Be Nice to Deal with You

A freelancer cannot affect many things. Instead of worrying about it, focus your effort on what is under your control, such as your communication skills. You have to respond to emails quickly and politely, be grateful for any comments, and never miss deadlines. Aside from well-written texts, editors should have other reasons to deal with you. With technological advancements, freelancers can take orders from several employers at the same time. In that way, you will be able to develop your career faster.

4. Be Aware of Your Worth

Most companies pay well to their writers, but some of them may consider posting your article as a kind of reward. The reality is that it is sometimes worth agreeing to unpaid writing jobs, especially when you have just started working as a freelancer. In that case, you will have an additional article for your portfolio. Also, the very fact that the material was posted on a third-party site and not on your blog will make you a full-fledged writer in the eyes of other potential customers.

However, think carefully about the following questions before you agree to an unpaid job. How much benefit will this material bring to you? What will you get in the end? Will you at least enjoy your work if you do not get any money for it? Free publications can be a good start, but the point is not to get stuck on this stage for too long. Sometimes, it might be better to spend time working out a strong idea than writing free articles.

5. Never Hesitate to Ask about Money

Talking about money might be embarrassing, but you should always know how much you will earn before accepting a job. Freelance writing jobs usually assume payment per word in an article, and the fees can vary significantly. It is challenging to scratch out a wealthy living with small fees, so every dollar matters to you. After your idea has been approved, be sure to discuss the payment by asking how much that customer usually pays for similar articles. You can also offer your fee discreetly.

Freelance writing jobs online always require politeness and mutual respect. If you think you are earning less than you are worth, ask politely whether the company can pay more. For example, if you usually charge $20 for an article of 1,000 words, find out how this compares to their rates for such texts. It costs nothing to ask - just be nice no matter what the answer is. Also, you may ask whether the company needs an invoice and when you will receive the payment.

6. Remember You Are Building Your Business

When you start working as a freelancer, you will likely need a primary source of income. Even accomplished freelance writers have another full or part-time employment. Do not quit your main job right away, but take freelancing seriously. As a freelancer, you are not only a boss but also an accountant for yourself. Take notes on the articles you wrote, when you sent them out, and how much you were paid. Do not expect to be paid as much as you might have for a regular eight-hour job.

7. Find Balance between Work and Personal Life

Business at home gives the impression that you work always and never at the same time. It is easy to be tempted to put off written orders to watch another YouTube video or meet friends. You can also work non-stop, especially if the task topic presents interest to you. So, you need to select an optimal daily schedule. For example, some freelancers set their working hours from nine am to six pm and then have a rest.

If you are a night owl, you can afford to sleep longer in the morning and work productively in the evening. One of the benefits of freelance writing jobs is the freedom to select working hours. But if the free hours are constantly mixing with work time and vice versa, think about finding the right balance. Do not blame yourself for having a rest - you need to relax from time to time. Perhaps that is the time when the best ideas may come to you.


To receive writing orders all the time, you may need to register on one of the job exchanges for freelance authors. The main advantages of online writing jobs are opportunities for establishing long-term relationships with customers and setting order prices that would suit both parties. However, you will have to spend time trying to work together with different companies. Also, you might need to do your job for a penny at first. When you acquire the necessary skills, experience, and recommendations on previous writing jobs, your earnings will increase significantly.

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