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Mildred used to work as a psychologist, and now, she is ready to help you write a compelling resume! With her experience, every requirement of yours will be met perfectly. Turn your raw CV into a polished diamond. Mildred can show you how a professional resume should look!

Liu Yi

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Liu Yi is a perfect assistant for those who need a top-notch resume. Experience in career advising lets her find the best approach to any employer. By working with Liu Yi, you can boost your employment chances easily!

Maynard Artiaga

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Projects Done:
3.5 years

Maynard is a highly attentive writer who knows how to develop your LinkedIn profile, create a refined CV, and make your resume attract twice as many interview offers. Are you looking for resume assistance? Maynard will help you climb the career ladder faster!

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Best Resume Writing Service to Land Your Next Job

Are you a recent graduate trying to get your first professional job? Or an experienced professional making a transition to a more promising career opportunity?

Whichever the case, you have to submit a resume as a part of your work application. Nowadays, it's not uncommon for a lot of CVs to be sent in for a relatively limited number of work openings. That might make you feel anxious about your shot at getting an interview.

You can breathe a sigh of relief now! Our company offers you a professional resume writing service that is tailored to your unique needs. We'll show you how we can make a difference for your pursuits. We can help you stand out from the gray crowd and get the attention of recruiters!

Ready, Set, Go!

First, what is a resume? It's a formal document that summarizes the work history, career accomplishments, educational backgrounds, and relevant skills of a job applicant. Considering that it's basically a summary, the document covers only one or two pages.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is closely associated and frequently confused with the resume. By the purpose intended, both have the same meaning, but avoid using them interchangeably. The main differences lie in the length of content and areas of use.

CVs contain more detail about the applicant's previous work and noteworthy accomplishments, skills and educational background, certifications, and membership in professional groups. In the US, they establish professional credentials. Resumes are focused on helping the candidate market themselves by showing why they are the ideal employee to fill the open job position.

Professional Resume Writers

Mostly, searching for a job involves scouring the work vacancy sections of newspapers and online publications. Nowadays, you can also turn to job postings on platforms like LinkedIn,, etc. When you've found the jobs you would like to get, the next step is to prepare and send out your applications with your resume attached. Other documents (i.e., a cover letter) might be required as well. A cover letter allows you to introduce yourself in your own words and style. It should be focused on valuable qualities that connect to your resume. Your objective should be to get the interest of the employer, urging them to interview you in person.

What if you don't have much experience applying for jobs? What if you wish to try your hand at multiple positions? Are you going to simply send one resume for all of them? Bad move! A resume is meant to help you "sell" yourself, show why you are ideal for a specific job. This is where we can help you excel!

We can take care of the entire writing process for you, be it simple CV writing or LinkedIn profile filling. On top of that, we can help if you're looking to get assistance in one of the following.

  • Military resume writing for a military-to-civilian career transition.
  • A federal resume you'll need to apply for federal government jobs.
  • Private sector resume (work application for regular companies).

Our American writers can impress you with a long history of creating compelling resumes that bring to focus the best in our customers. We have professional resume writers that will work closely with you to convey your unique value proposition.

Challenges of the Job Search Process

The process of searching for a job is grueling. How well you deal with the troubles arising on your path depends on how experienced you are in job hunting. The type of industry and your social network's volume can also be spokes in the wheel. Speaking of challenges, the following is a listing of main ones you may be faced with.

Specific job requirements

Every well-written job vacancy contains a list of requirements expected of prospective job applicants. Things like skills on how to use specific systems and devices or deep knowledge of a given subject matter are very common examples. Others include specific educational backgrounds, language, and years of work experience.

Recent graduates often find a specific job vacancy desirable but stumble on a complication. The minimum number of work experience years required spoils their chances. This is especially true for highly competitive positions. It is a frustrating situation for people without significant work experience. New graduates mostly have little to no professional background and can't acquire it without getting employed within the target industry.

Social connections

"It's not what you know. It's who you know." The wisdom in this saying couldn't be more relevant to finding a desirable job.

When you have little or no existing connections within your industry, getting an opportunity to showcase what you're capable of can be pretty hard. According to data, as high as 70% of job vacancies are filled through existing connections/contacts. Naturally, you'd prefer to ask someone you already worked with about other suitable people in their network to fill an open position.

It makes sense to expand your professional network. Attend meetings and conferences and use your LinkedIn profile and cover letter to connect with relevant professionals in the target industry/companies. Doing that means putting your profile and a human face to your job-hunting pursuits. It can give you a chance to get noticed by people closely connected to the job you're trying to get. Combining that with a compelling resume can make a more positive impact than you realize.

How We Work

When using our writing service, you can easily specify the nature of the assistance you desire. You may be looking to get help to edit or rewrite your existing resume or have a new one written for you from scratch. Then, the writing process kicks off!

  1. Indicate what field and level you're applying for (entry level, federal, military-to-civilian, etc.) and the expected completion time (in business days). Enter your email address and other relevant information that will help us craft the best resume for you.
  2. We match you with a suitable expert who is well-versed in the industry provided in your order details. We also use the information we obtain from resume screening software to ensure that your order is formatted for success.
  3. Our writers apply the necessary formatting that is optimized to pass through the applicant tracking system (ATS), which is a software written by tech companies to manage job applications. It can be used to filter resumes based on keywords, skills, former employers, etc.
  4. We use software to match job postings optimized to your current work experience, career level, and industry. This enables us to find the most suitable job opportunities for you. Our writers quickly establish the key features to include in your resume.
  5. Your writer stays in touch with you using direct messaging via your email and our platform as they work closely with you to create your unique application. The resume will be written to bring attention to your skills and career goals. This boosts your chances to pass recruiters' screening and get the employer's HR to schedule an interview with you.
  6. If you're not happy with the finished document provided in the Word format, we'll rewrite it for free. We offer multiple revisions until you are happy with everything - that is our satisfaction guarantee.

Choosing the Best

Our commitment to seeing our customers succeed has made us one of the leading resume and cover letter writing services.

Regardless of the difficulties or challenges you have to deal with in your job-searching endeavor, we've got your back! We have experts and powerful tools. Our company uses a tailored process that ensures the important factors that matter for your specific job are taken into account and used.

Get started right away by collaborating with us - let's get you more interviews and land you a dream job! When using our resume or cover letter services, know that you will get an incredible resume written by experts familiar with your industry. Place your order now!

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