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You may wonder what jobs are considered federal. Well, any position that belongs to one of the three branches of the US government can be called a federal job. Don't you remember them from your political science course? Here are they: executive, legislative, and judicial branches, each responsible for different things. They are different by their purpose, but every single job related to one of these fields have a lot in common, and the application package for federal resume writing looks similar if not the same. If a person has a desire to become a politician, government personnel, counselor, military staff, or something like that, they should think about writing a federal resume and cover letter (optional).

Would you like to join the United States government? A person who does not currently have any experience and relevant resume would benefit from reading this guide. Our certified federal resume experts will share tips and tricks as well as write your application documents within limited time if you have no idea how to pass the selection process successfully.

Customer feedback from 291 satisfied clients rounds up to a 9.8/10 success rate, which makes our resume writing service a leading provider in the market.


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Federal Resume VS. Common Application Form

The primary thing to keep in mind is that all federal resumes are longer than common ones. The length is the first factor that matters. A private sector shouldn't be more than 1-2 pages - no one will waste time on reading longer documents with many details. As for this federal CV, a candidate should include all the necessary information on 3-7 pages if needed. It depends on the breadth of one's job experience and other qualifications. If you are updating and revising your document, expand it by a couple of pages.

What to Add to Your Federal Job Resume?

A federal resume is a primary tool in the initial stage of the application process, and it is created to prove that a specific candidate possesses the skills and knowledge required for the position of their interest. The federal government should correspond to plenty of rules. When working on this application document, one has to keep pace with different writing standards and regulations. It is critical to study government policies, recruiting standards, ever-changing mandates, and general requirements for the target job position. Check out the changes established by the so-called Office of Personnel Management. Federal resume updating is critical while following the policies and hiring standards. If you have an outdated resume for a waiter, computer engineer, model, teacher, nurse, or else, make sure to completely restructure it based on the recommendations of experts that you can find online.

One has to list the unique aspects of the position to show pure interest. In the header - the most critical and integral part of the entire paper - a candidate should add such info as full name, contacts, citizenship (it matters in such field), complete federal work experience for life (if any), and occupational questionnaire (filled out). We will tell you the way it is - applicants without employment history barely pass the process. Also, do not forget to admit Veterans Preference.

Full work experience

In occupational questionnaire creation, the initial stage is listing the entire employment history with the titles of your positions, names of the organizations, responsibilities, and a brief description of achievements. Stress your individual value through your triumphs and breakthroughs. Do not forget to specify the dates of enrollment.

Educational background

Every federal resume writer should add a section with education details and description of certificates even if it does not match the position they are applying for. List everything possible. Start with the overall GPA and credit hours obtained and finish with the diplomas and rewards that made you stand out from the rest of the students. Recall some internships and volunteering programs.

Relevant training sessions

If your training and extra education have nothing to do with the federal job series, don't pay it any mind. If you can boast something, specify when you used to apply for the work in the United States government, how successful it was, and never miss the title of the granting company along with the dates of completion. If it was a limited time offer, still include it on the list.

Skills and Extra Details

If you hire our federal resume writers, they will choose proper keywords for your application documents as well as select the skills to add to your qualifications. The US government is interested in a limited set of skills. In case you belong to any organizations or associations, mention it in your document. Those who used to give a public speech or write serious publications related to the field of government should share such details in the last section of a resume.

Another important thing is to list the languages you can speak. The more languages you can speak fluently today, the higher chances are that you will get prestigious, well-paid job offers from the start. If you can refer to some of your previous employers, HR managers, or company CEOs, include their contacts in the end - this section known as "References" always increases one's credibility in the eyes of potential recruiters.

If you need the best application documents on the web to increase your chances to win a place, turn to our professional resume writing services tested by time. We operate without any breaks. Our prices are affordable compared to many other online services that offer help with resume and cover letter writing as we offer generous discounts. Wait no more - we will help with your resume order to get you the job of your dream! Say, "Hire my editor to work on my resume!"

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