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  • A professionally written resume indicates you take the job-hunting process seriously.

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  • You will stand out from the pool of applicants if your resume is tailored to a specific position.

  • A professional resume highlights the points that HR managers always look for when headhunting.

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The job applicant needs two things at the beginning: a resume/CV and a cover letter. In many cases, the second one is not required, and that is why most of the job applicants underestimate the significance of this document that supports a resume or CV. When the competition is low, resume alone might be enough. But with many candidates aiming for one place, job seekers might benefit from revealing more than their educational background and previous places of work.

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A cover letter provides extra info about your skills, interests, and experience. The main goal is to prove that an applicant has enough qualifications to be hired. An interesting cover letter can be more effective than a good resume as a candidate can tell more in the shape of a small story or vivid examples from life. This document should not repeat or summarize resume. It is better to go into details explaining why you are the best match for the offered position. It is like a sales pitch that should present your advantages and give reasons why you would be a more efficient employee than other applicants. If you have more than three years of experience, a cover paper is a must.

Recruiters do not always read these from A to Z, but they use them as a method to screen candidates for possible jobs and define who they would like to meet in person. If cover letter writing is required, it will be mentioned in the job posting. Experts recommend developing an impressive document anyway to be ready to submit it at any moment - it would be the best proof that you are ready for any challenges and take the job seriously.

Basic Types of Cover Letters

It is important to admit that three different types of cover letters exist. Each of them depends on the reason for applying.

  • The prospecting (or inquiry letter) inquires about available positions.
  • The application (or the cover letter itself) is a detailed response to a known vacancy.
  • The networking paper requests info and helps in your job search.

The application letter is the most typical form. Each time you are applying for a job that has been posted by an organization that is recruiting, you will refer to it.

Things to Appear on Your Cover Letter for College and Job

No matter whether you are writing an entry level cover or the one to describe three years of experience or more, keep in mind the points that you should include. Check out the list below.

  1. Full name and contacts
    Type your name and contact information at the top of your paper (you may leave the postal address off as we're living in the age of modern technologies when including an email and phone is enough). Do not share personal email. You should have an email created specifically for the professional and business purposes to sound formal and serious. Under your personal contacts, add the company representative contacts, including the name of the hiring manager (if it is admitted) and their contact information.
  2. Name of the position
    The cover letter will be more effective if you mention the full name of the wanted position as well as list some basic responsibilities to let the recruiter understand what you are applying for from the first few lines. Type "Regarding [Job Name]" at the beginning as a title of your document, or do it in the opening paragraph of your document.
  3. A list of professional skills
    To write a catchy CV, present your skills in a new light. While in a resume you should present your skills in the shape of bullet lists, in its addendum provide short descriptions and specifications to each. Example? The knowledge of several programming languages: I am pro at HTML, CSS+, and Java, and I am still mastering Python and TypeScript. If you want to stand out, add some rare skills like a rare language. Even if the knowledge of exotic languages is not mentioned in the original job opening description, you never know how it may play in your favor.
  4. A summary of why you are a suitable applicant
    Show that you are the one who deserves the job. Expand this part from your resume. Sum up the strong sides, opportunities, and add a bit more (like how you can contribute to the work environment and community). The goal is to leave a long-lasting impression. To do that, list your main achievements, add examples of success and failures from real life, and try to inspire the audience with other tricks that make you special.

Professional Help with Your Cover Letter

You may think that cover letter writing is a waste of time. We are ready to prove the opposite. To increase your chances to obtain a job in the company of your dream without dealing with application writing, you can hire a team of professional writers that can help you develop the best documents.

There is no need to panic if you believe you cannot write a cover letter your employer is waiting for. You can use our cover letter services at any moment! Our company specializes in different fields of writing, and we are well aware of the principles of business, academic, creative, and technical writing. All you need to do is tell us that you need help and submit the payment once you learn the price. We will take care of the rest. Our team offers quick and relatively cheap assistance with different types of papers. Do not miss your chance to get the job of your dream - come on the corresponding page of our service and fill out the order form!

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