Marketing Specialist Resume - a Professional Guide

A marketer is a specialist who can find answers to the most vital business questions, like who are the main clients, where to look for them, how to present a product to them, and how to convince customers to buy it. Additionally, the marketer determines the product price and develops both visual and textual presentations to the target audience. The marketer closely interacts with the sales department and the call center, as well as tracks the entire life cycle of the product from the creative concept to advertising, sales, and post-sale service.

A marketing specialist is ranked 45th on the list of the top 100 professions in the US and worldwide. Also, it is 14th on the list of highest-paid jobs with annual wages ranging from $68,000 to $185,000. However, the salary level is not limited in marketing since it is typically tied to the company's profit. While achieving business results with a particular KPI, a marketer can earn more and get a share of the company's revenue. Plus, marketing is among comfortable remote jobs - only an Internet connection is needed.

The marketer is one of the key positions in the company, and this profession is becoming more and more popular. The number of marketing managers is constantly growing worldwide every year. The primary point that motivates a beginner to master this profession is the high demand in the market and a high level of wages. Besides, marketers are not in danger of being replaced by robots. While computers are replacing employees of many other occupational groups, marketing managers will still be needed for a long time.

How to Become a Marketer?

Becoming a marketing specialist from scratch is difficult, but it is quite possible. For that, a high-quality and specialized education is highly recommended to obtain. Additionally, practical skills are required since business owners focus on concrete results. The higher your position in marketing, the heavier the price to pay for the slightest mistake or inaccuracy. To minimize the possibility of errors in work, employers often organize training courses and masterclasses. Hence, training at marketing courses with the further application of recommendations in practice is an essential stage in gaining expertise in this profession.

For beginners, it makes sense to start with a personal project like a blog and achieve its maximum conversion. In the Internet marketing terms, conversion means the desired actions taken by a potential customer on your blog, such as buying a product, subscribing to a newsletter, or clicking on a specified link. Many marketing courses are created for practitioners, and they often involve making their own online projects.

What Skills Does a Marketer Need?

The main task of a marketing manager is business growth. The main skills, which any marketer cannot do without, are related to socialization and communication. That is, such a specialist should have a combination of personal qualities that make it easy to navigate the world around you, deal effectively with other people, and achieve business goals using the appropriate professional knowledge. The marketer has to understand how to increase and retain the target audience, as well as communicate directly with buyers and potential customers.

Marketing managers are required to possess a wide and varied set of skills that are necessary to benefit a company, be it a startup, a small enterprise, or a worldwide corporation. Of course, the job of a marketing manager can be anxiety-inducing and time-consuming because of personal responsibility for meeting the KPIs. Most employers believe the marketer should first and foremost attract customers, convince them to make a purchase, and do it on the lowest possible budget.

A market specialist has to generate ideas, implement them through marketing campaigns, examine the outcomes, and report them. Such strategies call for some serious resources, and hence, marketers often collaborate with other coworkers, contractual organizations, and freelancers. A marketing manager needs to be good at building relationships with different groups of people and use all the necessary tools for this.

Apart from social skills, a marketer must have professional expertise that can be acquired and evaluated. Those include writing, reading, typing, software mastery, calculating, etc. The marketer has to understand the data and manipulate it to come up with creative marketing strategies. It should also be noted that the necessary professional knowledge is much easier to gain than mastering effective social skills. Both social and professional skills have to be highlighted in a marketing specialist resume.

What Are Marketer's Duties?

A marketing manager performs various tasks every day. The marketer's responsibilities depend on whether this specialist works for a global giant or a smaller retailer. A marketing employee of a large corporation mostly deals with a specific channel, for instance, to attract customers or promote business on social networks. Working for a startup often implies a combination of several positions at the same time.

The marketing landscape is gradually changing, and a representative of this profession has to adapt to the current situation and master new tactics and tools that appear every week. Also, a market specialist must be able to creatively solve emerging problems (growth hacking) and think critically. It is often crucial to quickly assess the applied value of a new marketing tool or a channel to engage customers and test them on a particular project.

Based on these tasks, the person working in this area of business draws up a marketing plan for the company. Depending on the needs of a particular business, it may be required to choose offline or online marketing tools. For example, a company with sales outlets may need ads in the press, on radio, TV, and during various events. An online store typically needs online advertising and promoting, i.e., an application of particular Internet marketing tools.

First of all, Internet marketing is a set of actions aimed at reaching the target audience, finding customers in a highly specialized segment, bringing them to the online resource in question, and motivating customers to buy the product or use the service. For that, marketers apply a specially created content and use the advantages of word of mouth on social networks. Internet marketing features a relatively small financial investment, wide audience coverage, and an opportunity for customers to make an informed decision.

So, the responsibilities of an Internet marketer include, but are not limited to ⇒

  • Business planning

  • Holding advertising campaigns

  • Brand and product PR

  • Organization of events

  • Product development

  • Formation of pricing policy

  • Maintaining the budget for marketing, advertising, and PR

  • Distribution

  • Monitoring competitors and researching the market

  • Making analytics and reporting on all essential parameters

A marketing specialist has to be knowledgeable in particular areas, such as marketing fundamentals, direct selling, advertising, content marketing (including video marketing), web analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), social media management (SMM), and mobile marketing. Of course, it is not easy to be a professional in all these areas at the same time. However, a marketer needs to understand the business processes, be able to deal with performers, and control the company's budget even in the case of outsourcing. Be sure to highlight all these points in your marketing specialist resume.


A marketing manager's job is an occupation that is in high demand now, and it will be relevant in the future. It is the kind of work you can do at home, which is highly relevant for our times. For a successful career as a marketing manager, you need to have specific knowledge, character traits, abilities, and aspirations. If you decide that this is your path, go ahead. First, you may try to promote yourself on the market. In that way, you will not only gain the relevant experience but also demonstrate that you can navigate this business industry.

Over time, you will be able to attract the attention of various companies, including large international corporations. You should read, learn, and communicate with professionals from the marketing industry. In that case, nothing and no one will prevent you from becoming a perfect marketer. All you need to do is acquire the necessary knowledge base, start working, gain experience, and move forward to your life goal.

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