Job Search Sites - 7 Best Places for Finding Jobs in the US

Searching for a job in the US is not an easy business. The American dream can really come true for many, but only with long and hard work. Becoming a wealthy person in a country of great opportunities is an understandable desire for many people. As practice shows, this purpose is quite feasible. When competently using the experience of other people, philosophically treating difficulties, and making useful personal contacts, everybody is able to make a successful career in America.

However, looking for a job in the US can be exhausting too. It is incredibly challenging to achieve the desired results without a well-defined mechanism of action and inner instinct. In that case, one of the most convenient and optimal variants is searching for job vacancies in the US on specialized job websites. In order not to wander around the Internet and waste time, see below the list of the most popular job search sites in the US.

1. Monster

If you are looking for a suitable job in the USA, you cannot disregard It is one of the largest and best job search sites not only in the US but in the world. This online portal is ranked among the top job search sites in the US, and therefore, it completely justifies its name. The database of this website has more than one million offers from employers and more than 150 million resumes. On the site, 30 new resumes are uploaded, 2,800 vacancies are viewed, and 7,900 new job offers appear every minute.

As a pioneer in online recruiting worldwide, Monster has continued to refine its job search tools for three decades and use its own statistical insights to motivate people to be productive. It turns out that an average American employer spends only half a minute to view a CV. Hence, Monster provides users with its own analytics to encourage them to create compact but memorable resumes. An advanced search feature allows you to search for vacancies by company name and city, as well as by keywords and particular skills.

The main page of displays almost all its functionality. You will immediately find data entry boxes for quick searches, icons for career tips, a section with resume templates, a salary calculator, lists of the most sought-after positions, rosters of leading companies, a button to subscribe to notifications, and an option to download a mobile app for gadgets. In addition to text content, the site offers a selection of videos from employers.

2. Craigslist

The Craigslist website is one of the most popular job search sites that regularly post US work announcements. On this site, you can find tons of job offers, both for full-time and part-time employment. The base of the actual vacancies of the site is extensive. It contains only advertisements for which the posting period does not exceed 30 days.

The home page of this website looks austere, as it contains only an interactive map of the world and clickable lists of American cities, grouped by States. At the same time, it is not at all difficult to understand the Craigslist functionality. The selection of vacancies is carried out by setting filters by specialty, distance, and employment type. Just set up your preferences and enter a keyword.

The resource content is universal and versatile. Many professionals and novice workers have already found their places under the sun right here. In addition to the US vacancies, you can find offers for renting real estate here, purchasing various goods and services, and even dating, and searching for like-minded people in different fields.

Generally, employers do not leave their phone numbers here, and emails are not always indicated. Therefore, it is better to prepare a well-built resume in advance for the quick submission. In the Help section, you can find answers to frequently asked questions from users. Recommendations are given not only in the format of detailed text instructions but also using visual images. Apart from English, you can switch to another language in the upper right corner of the page.

3. CareerBuilder

This online resource can be also considered one of the best job search sites in the US. The slogan of is Work Can Work. The site is also well-positioned in terms of the credibility of registered employers. Many of them are from the Fortune 1000 list, a prestigious catalog of the most successful US companies. CareerBuilder works with over 1,000 US large enterprises to display full job descriptions for each company individually.

Every month, about 24 million job seekers from around the world visit this site. The resume on CareerBuilder is uploaded in three steps. The search for candidates is organized by entering information about the employer's position and location, as well as by choosing an item from a list of popular job positions. The Hire Insider option shows testing results, strategy evaluation, and your competitiveness against other job seekers.

When you post your resume on the site, you will be able to receive information about who viewed your CV and how many people have already applied for a particular position. You can use special filters of extended search by salary, date of the announcement publication, and employment schedule. The opportunity of subscription to the latest offers, news, and tips is also provided.

4. Indeed

If you are tired of browsing many different job search sites for employment in the US, try Its creators call this portal the number one among the best job search sites in the world. The peculiarity of this online resource is that it aggregates vacancies from thousands of other sites. Therefore, you can use only to search for a job in the US and other countries. You can also create your resume here, and potential employers will search for you thanks to it.

Over 180 million people from 50 different countries visit monthly. This site is considered a convenient tool for career building. Management of Indeed calls this portal not just an online job marketplace but a hiring laboratory. This definition is justified given the regularly conducted research, surveys, and reports, which are available to all visitors of this online resource.

This service quarterly informs about the trends in the US employment market, compiles ratings of local companies based on feedback from both actual and potential employees, compares salaries according to industries and different specialties, as well as publishes successful employment stories. Job catalogs are formed by keywords, territory, industry, as well as company names, and positions in alphabetical order.

5. Careerjet

The Careerjet job search engine provides access to millions of vacancies posted on tens of thousands of websites around the world. This portal allows you to search according to the specified parameters and redirects you to the source websites. In doing so, both online job search sites and companies that have posted only a few vacancies are taken into account. You can have access to the search options using keywords or particular skills. Results can be conveniently filtered by date to see the latest offers.

The American block of the Careerjet global aggregator provides more than 2.5 million job offers from recruiting agencies' websites and direct employers. Ads are cataloged by location, job titles, keywords, occupancy format, and frequency of demands. offers a preview of vacancy descriptions, and detailed information can be found on the original website. A list of similar vacancies is automatically highlighted when you click on the position that interested you.

6. JobIsJob

The Jobisjob search platform is one of the top job search sites in the US. It analyzes the content of online labor exchanges and corporate job portals. After filtering out spam and duplicates, JobIsJob forms databases of vacancies for different countries, including the USA. According to the information posted on the site, more than 100 thousand employment options are available for applicants searching for work in such industries as high technology, management, healthcare, trade, finance, and office services.

The home page of this resource displays the statistics of job positions by specialties and localities. Job applicants are mostly wanted in such US cities as New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Houston. All resumes posted on JobIsJob are reviewed by the site moderators for free. After that, applicants receive recommendations for their CV optimization.

7. ZipRecruiter

The ZipRecruiter job portal was registered in 2010 as a recruitment service for small businesses. Subsequently, many companies with impressive capital also became users of this powerful online service. The website provides a universal set of vacancies, but job offers for low-skilled personnel in the site directories are rather an exception. Regular real-time updates of your profile make ZipRecruiter a unique website for employment in the US.

You will always be aware of who and when became interested in your resume. You can instantly enter into correspondence if you receive a message from a potential employer by email. organizes the processing of resumes in a specific way. For feedback to potential employers, you can create as many CVs as you wish. However, only one variant of your resume can be stored in the site database, and it will be available for viewing by all employers.

Bottom Line

The US labor market features a stiff competition. When applying for a job in the USA, it will definitely not be superfluous to provide a potential employer with recommendations from your previous jobs. Try to take care of these letters in advance to provide them at the right time. Also, never forget to improve your knowledge and skills while sending your resume and getting feedback from US employers.

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