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Nearly 5.3 million of the US citizens used to serve as active-duty soldiers since the Gulf War era. Those of them that have memory or skills necessary to protect the nation continue the business career in the military field. If you wish to switch to military career from civilian, improving your profile is a must. Also, you should get ready with your digital application for electronic submission as traditional, print-out resumes are no longer in trend.

Customer feedback from 172 satisfied clients rounds up to a 9.8/10 success rate, which makes our resume writing service a leading provider in the market.


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Military Resume Writing Services - Upgrade Your Resume

The army is a complex system divided into many components and military branches responsible for different tasks. Every one of them is vitally important and requires a serious approach if you wish to get enlisted. NAVY, NATO, Marine Corps - all they possess a cutting edge technology and aspire to defend the country and its allies. Even though every "empire" may well have a different structure, they have something similar. And it's called a hiring process.

Military resume writing is a tough process, and no matter where you want to serve - air or land - your documents should be accurate and informative. Our writers know how to construct the best document to help you land your future job.

Military Resume Writing - Main Points

If you are transitioning from a civilian to army life, you might have tried to search information on how the application documents might differ. If you are talking about achievements, they don't. You still have to describe your work, gained experience, and what you have accomplished in the prior position. Apart from that, writing about skills is a must. However, the format of such outlines is different. And if your written document has errors regarding format, you are likely to be rejected instantly.

Another problem relates to military veterans and creating job application docs for the army. Dozens of veterans commit serious mistakes while writing a document and cover letter. They are prone to include military jargon in these documents, lowering their chances to be accepted. Our certified professional resume team knows the meaning of such specialized language and helps translate military jargon into plain English.

Both sides face difficulties in military resume writing. Regardless of your struggles concerning transferable skills or civilian terms, Resumojo's every professional writer knows how to impress employers.

Our Strategy

First, it is important to establish the position you want to apply for. A force marine, coast guard, marine corps member, air force, and land force branch have only one thing in common. The name of that thing is military experience. When it comes to outlines of experience, they have to be different. That's why our military resume writing service follows crucial steps to make your outline look impeccable. Our professional writing team knows what to include in your document.

At first glance, it might be confusing when you look at different types of job application documents. Every hiring manager knows the difference between a chronological, functional, and combined layouts. Based on them, a hiring manager can identify whether you take a military career seriously or not. So, even though you may lead a civilian life, if you aspire to write a military resume, you should be persuasive and determined like a military veteran. Working with us, you don't have to bother delving into the types of documents you need for applying to a position in the army.

Our resume writers specialize in security clearance jobs, army jobs, and other wide range of positions. We have various job search tools, so we know what to focus on when writing a job application doc. In order to write a successful military layout, our leading resume writing service knows:

  • How to write a summary statement. This part tends to be on the top of the professionally written resume. Whether it is a civilian job application document, civilian transition, or military transition, every document has to have the introduction. Transition resume writing is a very taxing process because every word counts. Resumojo can give you the best military transition (with a single-day turnaround).
  • How to write about education. A professional military application doc should have an education section. Not everyone includes it in the document, but we would recommend writing it in your layout. Education may well give you a lot of credit, as it shows your grades, certificates, training, and other crucial aspects you gained before your career started. Also, it's important to include the degrees you have obtained.
  • How to describe your experience. Employers pay close attention to your experience section. Even if you are a veteran and looking for a veteran job, you still have to depict what you have achieved. By a thorough analysis of your prior jobs, our military resume writer constructs a list of your experience, describing it in the best light. If you think we missed any experience, we offer a free resume review.
  • How to portray your skills. Whether you need military transition, aspire to have an executive career, or need to write a civilian resume, you must include your abilities. Otherwise, based on what would HRs invite you to an interview? Our civilian resume writing, as well as writing services for the army openings, highlight the most crucial skills a specific position requires.

So, Why Us?

In a nutshell, your job search with our job application documents will not last long. Our writing service gives you career advice and tries to adhere to your preferences fully. Close cooperation of our expert writer with you unchangeably ends with a professionally written outline. Now you don't have to wrestle with a military transition resume on your own. The turnaround time for a transition lasts hours with our service. We also give a 100% interview guarantee.

We value your decision to entrust to us with your job-seeking process. It is great, and we are happy to provide you with a free consultation regarding any issue you might have with a document. The same goes for a cover letter, which has to be attached to the application document. Our writing services don't solely include military service. Resumojo is also an expert in federal job application writing (examples are available via direct contact). Such federal documents can be up to seven pages long. We can write this document within days or hours if need be.

How It Works

At the very beginning, you fill in the form and specify your order. Once all is clear, your assignment goes directly to the military resume writers. The first professional resume writer deals with the summary, the second one with your education, and the third one with your experience. If any questions appear during the writing process, professional resume writers contact our customer team or yourself to clarify the details. Once the first draft is finished, editors check it, and you receive your job application doc.

Most of our clients accept the first draft of our professional military resume, claiming it to be the best military resume. And the same goes for helping veterans transition. We fully understand how tiresome it can be to create a transition resume. Our CS team doesn't only work during business days. There are no time frames of availability while creating military resumes on Resumojo - we're ready to complete them at any time.

If you are stuck with creating a job application document, we can ease your struggles. Members of our team are qualified as they are professional resume writers who will take into account every important aspect of your experience, education, and skills. Any format and structure are doable for us. Have some specific requirements? Resumojo's resume writing service will do its best to meet your needs. Master the application process with us now and land your dream job!

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