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Nearly 5.3 million of the US citizens used to serve as active-duty soldiers since the Gulf War era. Those of them that have memory or skills necessary to protect the nation continue the business career in the military field. If you wish to switch to military career from civilian, improving your profile is a must. Also, you should get ready with your digital application for electronic submission as traditional, print-out resumes are no longer in trend.

Customer feedback from 172 satisfied clients rounds up to a 9.8/10 success rate, which makes our resume writing service a leading provider in the market.


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A resume should be engaging, with a catchy title. No matter whether you are working on an entry-level resume or CV to change your position, in the modern age, you should better prepare online forms that can be easily sent via email or published on the websites for job seekers. It would take much more time to send traditional letters to all potential job seekers.

Having a job in the military field, you should have impressive experience and skills. However, knowing how to make your resume, CV, and cover letter stand out from the application documents of other candidates is a separate art that not everyone can master.

Start with Picking a Resume Type

No matter whether you are writing a resume to publish on social media channels or media profile, job-seeking websites, or elsewhere, you should decide on its type and goals. Choose an approach to stress your strengths. Make sure your document underlines something special and original about your personality.

Chronological resume

It is the most popular type of resume as well as any other official document as it states all the events in the chronological order meaning from the earliest event to the most recent. It means a student should name the occupied positions in various companies from the beginning to the last one. Except for the full employment history, titles of organizations, and your positions, along with the years specified, you have to name your duties and achievements under every separate point.

Functional resume

If you decide to write a functional resume for a military position, start with the skills. Those are professional, technical, and personal qualities. Check out the job vacancy carefully to understand what are the skills the employer is looking for to stress only them. In the functional application, you should focus on the functions. It is simple. Start with all critical skills that you have gained during years of work and training, move smoothly to the job responsibilities that you had to fill out, and to specific achievements and accomplishments that you can boast and wish to present. All of that is called "areas of expertise" in professional language.

Combined resume

You can guess from its name that this application document includes the mix of chronological and functional types. Use a chronological work experience format with mentioning obtained, relevant skills. These details can be pasted into the new resume from your older one. Start with a brief into section (profile summary), move to the body where you list job duties, accomplishments, and skills, and finish with the educational background or some other critical points.

What About the Length of My Resume?

If you write resume manually, probably, you will not have a desire to create more than 1-2 pages as it is time-consuming and boring. If you prepare a digital application to attach it online, mind the file size restrictions. It would be a pity to describe your entire life in a single paper made of ten or even more pages with wonderful pictures and other visual elements just to find out that the service of your interest denies the file.

As for a LinkedIn profile, it is the perfect example of how your mini-resume should look like. Try to stick to the recommended sections included into such profiles as well as to the recommended number of words to appear in the candidate's short bio under the avatar and brief info. As for the employers who prefer traditional resumes, they do not accept lengthy works of more than 2 pages. It should be visually appealing, no matter what type of application you choose, but it does not mean you should insert pictures or videos to the official resumes like those prepared for military jobs.

Essential Components to Include

Your resume should be optimized for electronic usage according to business standard, and each one should possess some basic information that cannot be ignored or excluded. Without it, it can be a risk to stay without an offer even with brilliant experience.

  • Contact details - start with your full name, address (optional), phone number, and email that you typically used for sites with official messages instead of your personal, funny email address for friends and family.
  • Include your goals. Employers know the purposes of their organizations well. What they want to find out is the set of your personal goals to see how well they match to the offered job position and whether you can contribute something to their community (if both sides can benefit from cooperation as it determines employee's motivation).
  • Finish with the summary of skills, education, and training.

If you have problems with writing a military resume of any level, you can easily find help online. Our team specializes in academic, creative, business, and technical writing for ages. If your target organization does not accept Microsoft Word documents, we can offer many types of application papers to catch an eye of your employer like a presentation format or LinkedIn profiles.

We will use an ASCII format if you wish, or any other recommended for military writing. The format is important. The best thing is that our services are offered at affordable prices, and every customer can also get favorable discount or bonus for the next order.

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