How to Write a Letter of Resignation Using Templates and Samples

A letter of resignation is a formal message created and submitted by a worker to their recruiter informing about the decision to leave the job in the nearest future. It is also known as a form of quitting. One has to find out how their last day in a firm will look like. It is important to discuss the financial aspects of the deal and help an employer understand their mistakes or other pitfalls that could prevent someone from cooperating with the company.

Resignation letters are written only in case a person decides to quit, so if an employee is fired, he or she should not prepare any official documents like that. Another good question is how to write a letter of resignation, and this we'll try to answer here.

How to Write a Resignation Letter: Basic Recommendations

The general rule to keep in mind is "less is more." There is no need to dedicate an essay to your reasons to leave a job. Do not use informal speech and avoid being rude - after all, you risk leaving without any compensation for misbehavior. Go directly to the primary reason for quitting based on the working conditions and regulations inside the company and outline critical information that relates to the issue. Don't fall off track, telling how everything could have been different if one tried harder. Use these steps when discussing the termination process in a letter:

  • Remain direct - the opening line of a message should make clear why you are writing it, meaning your expressed desire to quit;
  • Sound professional - use professional terminology and formal language when crafting a resignation letter. Avoid complaining about the nuances you dislike or getting back at your colleagues. Leave the sad story about your infringed rights and broken heart to a professional psychologist;
  • Share any helpful details - If you have someone to recommend in your place, do that, or specify which of the current tasks you intend to complete before the termination date;
  • Put forward your last working day - name the exact period of your final time at the office. You might need to explain why you have to leave urgently. Do not inform the employer about things like that in the last minute;
  • Proofread and edit the draft - never rush to send a letter before editing and proofreading it carefully two or three times, using available online checking tools (even small typos are not excused in formal writing);
  • Ask for legal advice - if you wish (and based on the circumstances), seek legal advice to minimize losses. You may need help from a professional employment lawyer or attorney.

That is how to write a letter of resignation. If you still have no idea how this document should look, try taking a look at a free resignation letter sample written by the resume writing experts.

What to Do with a Free Template

What if you manage to find a good sample resignation letter? Not to fall face down in the dirt, you should know how to use it, so here are some helpful hints:

  • copy-paste the template into the preferred program for documents, like Google Docs, or choose an email service;
  • insert personal info, like contacts;
  • paraphrase the main idea, so the final version refers to your situation instead of an imaginary one;
  • proofread and edit the draft before submitting;
  • send the message via email or another preferred method;
  • experts recommend sending both a print signed version and an email copy;
  • describe the last few days at a workplace - avoid being too petty;
  • propose a candidate to transition responsibilities to (your employer will be thankful);
  • do not forget to organize your workplace and leave it clean and tidy before going away for good.

Talking about transition planning with your colleagues is crucial. The letter alone is not enough. Do not hide from them - we are all people, and they will understand and support you if you explain your decision. Do not hesitate to discuss opportunities for a longer stay. Check our free letter of resignation sample to have an overall idea of how this document should look like in the end:

[Your Name]

[Full Address]

[Phone Number]

[Full Email Address]

[Date of Submission]

[Supervisor Name or Mr./Mrs.]

[Recruiter or CEO Title]

[Organization Title]

Dear [Name of Your Manager or CEO],

[1st paragraph: I hereby announce my resignation /This letter's goal is to inform you about my formal notice of resignation from your organization. I plan to quit the position of financial analyst, and my last day in your firm will be February 15, 2019, one week from now.]

[Second paragraph: I should admit I appreciated working with you personally and the entire accounting and finance department during all these years. I am thankful for your support over those years. The opportunities I've gained in your organization, along with the precious experience and professional skills, added a lot to my portfolio. It was an honor to transfer from the position of junior financial assistant to a senior financial analyst within a short period of time.]

[Third paragraph: I will have time to complete all current projects assigned to me in Jira. Since I've been working in the healthcare industry and corporate finance for a while, I will try to find a suitable replacement. Please let me know how I can be helpful while I am still available. I wish you and your team all the best!]


[Image of Signature]

[Employee's Name]

You can find more examples of how to write a letter of resignation or even a cover letter template on the internet at no charge, but for effective results, we recommend hiring our professional team. Resume writers with rich experience are well aware of how to write a good resignation letter to smoothen your leave.

It's all about showing respect to people. Your current employer has a right to know why you are leaving as it will allow the company to improve working conditions for their next employees and get rid of the existing employment gaps.

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