Follow up Email after Interview: Perfect Email Examples

Job seeking is always a process that requires one to be diligent, determined, and confident. You have to interest an employer with your CV, try to present yourself as a competent and skilled candidate, and successfully go through all the stages of the interview that can be a springboard on the way to the career of your dreams.

But there are different situations in the world of employment. Sometimes, it can be a great competition, harsh requirements, or even the incompetence of the company officials. Even true professionals can experience troubles trying to land a job. And, that's not always because they haven't got enough skills.

However, there are situations when you can take certain measures and increase your chances of occupying a job position. Let's analyze one of such cases.

You are competent in your niche, confident in your skills, and 100% determined to get a job offer from a chosen company. You've coped with all stages of the interview and already can see yourself sitting in an office chair and doing what you really like. However, you still haven't received a response after the interview. In this case, you may have doubts creeping in - what if something went wrong and you made a mistake?

Sometimes, it can take weeks before receiving a message or email from the hiring manager. But, for this particular case, there is a solution - you may write a follow up email after interview.

Keeping in touch with the company representatives after the job interview is beneficial for you in several aspects:

  • It shows your enthusiasm and diligence toward a position as well as your soft skills.
  • It can help a person you're emailing to remember you.
  • It allows you to share your experience and second thoughts, if any.
  • It is your chance to analyze the position once more and ensure the offer is still relevant for you.
  • It will expand your network even if you don't get a job.

So, that's what we're going to dwell on in this article. We will not only define this particular type of response but provide you with some relevant tips on how to write a follow up email after interview and make a positive impression.

The Intentions of Your Follow Up Message

Speaking about this type of communication between an employee and a hiring manager, we can highlight three main reasons for one to follow up:

  1. To analyze their thoughts on the interview conducted and strengthen their enthusiasm.
  2. To remind HR about their candidature - sometimes, the company representatives cannot deal with all the work in time.
  3. To keep in touch, ask for professional advice, and just get new acquaintances.

Depending on your goal, there can be differences in the content of your email, but one thing is always the same: a good follow up message is like a thank you note. There, you mainly express your gratitude to a manager for considering your candidature and spending time with you during the interview.

How to Write a Decent Follow Up Email?

Now that the basics are covered, we can look at this writing in detail. First, let's discuss the building blocks of a good follow up.

  1. A well-formulated subject
    Having read it, a person you're writing to should understand what your email is about. There, you can indicate the date of your interview or just thank the company representatives.
  2. Your gratitude
    Let the reader know you appreciate their attention and share your thoughts on how the interview provided you with more information on the chosen position and the organization itself.
  3. Impressions and enthusiasm
    You can mention what attracted your attention the most about the company, share your interests and ideas.
  4. Your candidature
    Now, dwell on why you stand out from the other candidates. Focus on the aspects covered during the interview that made you think this way.
  5. Contact information
    This email should end with your signature and contact information for a manager to contact you.

Also, there is another format of the follow up - it is used mostly for paper documents and has precise structure, but we find it useful to mention this type as well:

  • Your name, address, and contact information (in the middle of the page)
  • The interview date
  • The name and title of a hiring manager
  • The name of the company
  • The address of the organization (left-alignment for all three points)
  • The actual letter expressing your gratitude
  • Your signature

With help from expert guides, you can learn a lot. But, there is nothing more effective than an actual example when it comes to preparing a paper like this one.

Samples of the Follow Up Email after Interview

To see how all those guidelines can be applied in actual writing, look at the examples below.

Example 1

Subject: Thank you for today's interview!

Dear Ms. Oakwood,

Thank you for your time and the provided opportunity to learn more about the position of an affiliate manager in Sunreset. It was great to find out more about your company's priorities and career values.

The chance to become a member of your Sunreset team is a great step towards new opportunities and goals. Your relationships with employees and the overall level of communication in the company are of particular interest. I am enthusiastic about the idea of ​​applying my experience and different strategies to work on your current projects and find new ways of your organization's development.

After the interview, I am confident in my professional skills, experience, knowledge, and the ability to satisfy the business needs of the Sunreset company and bring something new to its processes.

If you would like to receive any additional information about me or to get acquainted with more cases I worked on, feel free to contact me in any convenient way. I appreciate any feedback!

Best regards, John Brooke


Example 2

Thelma Riverstone

183 Pritchard Court; Winona, Minnesota 55987


May 17, 2020

Abrahams G. Walles, Esq.

Tenglish, Inc.

4287 Stuart Street, Suite 402

Winona, Minnesota 55987

Dear Mr. Walles,

I express my gratitude to you for making the time for me yesterday. It was interesting to learn more about your organization and business priorities. During our conversation, I realized the atmosphere of Tenglish, Inc, and the way the work process is organized fully meets the expectations I had after reading your vacancy. For me, working at Tenglish, Inc. is a great opportunity to put my skills into practice and continue developing my competencies in the field of psychology.

Thanks again for considering me as an appropriate candidate for this position.

Sincerely yours,

Thelma Riverstone

Tips on Your Job Interview Follow Up Email

With all the information and examples provided, we can come up with a list of general recommendations that will help you write a good email to your possible employer. Look through the tips below to reinforce the knowledge:

  • Consider this writing as a chance to present your soft skills and mention any information you could've forgotten.
  • You must pick the right format for your follow up email and make it fulfill your intentions appropriately.
  • Don't make your email too long or short - it should be a reasonable overview of your impressions and intentions toward a job you want to get.
  • If you don't receive a job offer, writing an HR-manager just "to keep in touch" won't increase your chances of getting it.
  • If even after your follow up email, there is no response, don't take it personally. You did your best - the perfect job will find you.

Every candidate wants to be the best, and immediate follow up email after interview is a good opportunity to stand out from the crowd. But don't forget that a way to employment always starts from a good resume.

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