Short Professional Bio - How to Write & Examples and Templates

First impressions count more than experience or skills. Most of the job seekers get their best offers on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. Half of the success depends on the quality of a professional bio. It's the small piece of text under your name and contacts many users ignore while registering. It will take no more than 10-15 minutes to create a brief description of your experience and goals, and it helps recruiters a lot.

Even if you're not looking for a job, this small text space can be useful. Example: you've been working with your current company for such a long time you cannot imagine a different job, but it doesn't mean you cannot find a better offer. One day, you may be contacted online with a proposal you can't refuse. It may happen because your bio template and the information inside look impressive to the hiring managers who prefer searching for candidates on the web.

Short pro biographies are excellent for passive job seekers. You may describe yourself from a branding perspective or based on the feedback of your previous and current employers - it's up to you. The format is more or less free. When you're writing about your professional experience and expectations, there are some rules to consider to increase the chances of being noticed by the target employers. One can find and study short professional bio examples or follow these useful tips.

Situations When You May Need a Brief Pro Biography

Do not expect you'll have enough space to include all of the recent achievements and purposes. Most platforms limit a short professional bio sample to something around 160-300 words. It means a user should focus on the key points. If there is no specific word count (word limit) set by the platform of one's choice, try to make a short professional bio no longer than three sentences.

Not everyone knows what to highlight and how to present the necessary information. It makes sense that your bio cannot cover all aspects of your professional life - try to focus only on the niches that currently interest you and put down the relevant keywords you can find using various search engine optimization (SEO) tools or googling. This article shortly explains how to write a short pro biography.

Job seekers and social media users might wonder when it is the best time for creating a personal bio. These are the cases:

  • About the Author section on the back of a book;
  • Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn profile summary;
  • Author byline in a site/guest post;
  • Speaker One-Sheet;
  • Meet our Team or About Us sections of a site.

That is when one may need a professional biography. Another goal could be to prepare a text for networking events (elevator speech). If a person is going to perform at a particular event, a small professional biography of 3-5 sentences might be the best way to introduce themselves.

Defining a Short Professional Biography

The main purpose of this post is to help you define a short professional bio. Without this information, a reader will not get the importance of this tiny piece of text.

The main idea of a brief professional bio is to introduce a person to people who have never heard of him or her before. While some people add short bios to make friends, others do it for professional purposes. Such purposes usually refer to job employment and professional growth. Many people share they have found a better job without searching for it; the contacts they left along with the personal bios attracted the attention of recruiters to their pages.

From a blurb on a social media page to a company About Us page, you might be interested in having a professionally written mini-bio for many reasons, and each of them is justified. It depends on what one decides to highlight in this small text. If your audience is made of potential employers, the good idea is to prepare a short extract based on a full resume or cover letter. If an individual is on a mission to find a love interest, they should focus on personal traits and hobbies.

A lot of users enter keywords like "short professional bio example" in search engines. It means most of them are keen on finding a job thanks to the professionally developed short bio. The goal is to showcase work experience, educational qualifications (no need to recall the school - list higher education), competence, and skills in a few lines. It is the first look at someone's personality. That's why the idea is to make a strong impression - every sentence should be a bang, not just the opening one.

Writing is the second thing that matters, and one should watch grammar carefully. Distilling who you are in several lines may seem harder than composing a short story for an English class or upcoming party. In the next paragraph, we'll briefly explain how to write a short bio about yourself using tips that work.

Quick and Effective Tips from Pros

To improve an online presence or the company's product, master writing a short professional bio. Plenty of free samples and templates are offered online. Here are the basic tips on how to write a short professional bio when composing a bio about yourself for the Internet:

  • Write in the third person;
  • Use a resume or CV as a basis for what you need;
  • Choose appropriate keywords and buzzwords;
  • Make your subject sound like an eye-catching subject line for an email;
  • Make a summary of the important details and narrow it down until it becomes 3-5 sentences long;
  • Insert the prepared information in a free bio template;
  • Use a biography example you like, but make the text 100% original;
  • Focus on the person you are instead of a dream job.

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