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73% of modern companies use social media networks to find candidates. Statistically, each corporate job opening receives 200 replies on average. What this means is that the approach to developing a resume should be changed. You have to employ a series of valid resume writing tips to succeed. Why? Because competition in the job market is becoming increasingly intense. Hence, resume advice from experts is exactly what you need.

By now, you should know that for a resume to be successful, it should contain info on one's educational background, skills, and previous jobs. But what else should you include in your CV to make it stand out? It doesn't matter whether you're applying for your first job or whether you've got some impressive experience under your belt. Telling lies is not the best idea since they'll be quickly exposed during the interview.

After graduation, you may want your resume to be optimized before you can post it online. Tips for writing a resume may, therefore, be helpful. It is a way to guarantee that agencies with more traditional approaches to hiring spend less time on processing your application. Learn how to compose a basic application document - these resume building tips have proven their efficiency!

General Tips for Creating a Resume

Job seekers take into account a range of different factors when looking for a job. Usually, they pay attention to the following points:

  • Salary (compensation)
  • Social packages
  • Professional growth opportunities
  • Work-life balance
  • Location
  • Work environment and values

Keep these tips on writing a resume in mind. Assess your personal wishes and needs so you don't end up wasting your precious time. Once you realize what you're looking for, pick the right position by searching for suitable vacancies in magazines, newspapers, or online (work search services, social media platforms, etc.) Word-of-mouth is another useful technique.

Once an applicant finds a position they're interested in, they should start thinking about creating a winning resume. Of all the resume writing tips, you should begin with the length of your document. The idea is to make your CV concise by clearly stating your reasons for applying for a position. The best length for a resume is a 1,5-page - after all, it is not a CV, which can consist of five or more pages. Do not include irrelevant experience, and you're sure to make the size.

As for the font and size, like in academic essay writing, a student should stick to a particular format. Pick Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri, which are the most popular fonts. Make sure your font size is 10-12 points, but keep in mind that the title and headings should be in bold and a bit larger.

Always review your resume (proofread and edit the draft) before submitting it! Here are the things to check & fix if needed:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Formatting
  • Vocabulary use
  • Logical flow
  • Relevance

Elements of a Successful Job Application

The next tip for creating a resume that grabs an employer's attention is structural elements. Your contact information should come first. To land more interviews, you should provide all possible communication channels via which you can be reached. You never know which of them the company you're applying to prefers. Experts also recommend sharing professionally-looking social network accounts, as well as emails with business addresses instead of personal ones.

Now, let's look at the rest of the sections.

  • Purpose
    Add a summary explaining the main reasons for applying for a vacancy. Specify what position you're applying for so that the hiring manager doesn't waste their time. Keep it simple - state what you expect to achieve.
  • Profile
    Add a list summarizing your qualifications. Make it a bullet-list highlighting the skills and abilities that may contribute to the desired position and help you stand out from the rest of the candidates. You may divide your skills into technical, professional, and personal ones.
  • Education
    Use the reverse chronological order to specify educational establishments you went to, programs/areas of specialization, years of study, and academic achievements. An applicant may also add the description of certificates if they're related to the desired position.
  • Work background
    In your professional resume, it's important that you list your previous work experience. Job seekers should also provide supporting evidence, such as professional achievements, to prove that they are worthy applicants. This section may contain info on the full-time and part-time jobs, as well as internship/volunteering programs, the candidate did. Be sure to specify the names of the companies, previous positions, years of enrollment, responsibilities, KPIs, and more. In the experience section, an applicant may add things like HVAC certificates, CPR, programming fluency, docs proving knowledge of different languages, exam results, etc.

That is it! A candidate may also add a list of hobbies if they believe that it somehow relates to the job. To make every section simpler to read, you should add several bullet points illustrating your professional experience, achievements, and the level of responsibility you can cope with. Keep in mind the three parts an effective bullet point is made up of:

  1. Start with an action verb
  2. Add a quantifiable point
  3. Come up with a relevant accomplishment

Example: "Coordinated communication between QAD, Customer Support, and HR departments, which enabled the company to solve problems quickly and effectively."

Those are not all tips for resume writing that we have, so keep on reading!

Final Resume Tips for Young College and University Graduates

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