Top LinkedIn Profile Tips People Use to Get All the Best Offers

Having trouble coming up with a stunning LinkedIn profile? Not sure if you are taking full advantage of the site?

If you are actively looking for a job, you can't afford not to be registered on LinkedIn! Check out our cool LinkedIn profile tips and gear up.

Having a superb LinkedIn profile is a great way to let potential employers know about the unique set of skills you've got. Quite a few people looking for a job keep asking themselves questions like "Do I really need this site?", "Why is it so popular?" and "Will it make a major difference if I use it?" The website has been around for quite a while, but it is still a mystery to many job seekers. Why is that so? Maybe it looks too intimidating and user-unfriendly to them? That may well be the case. However, they shouldn't forget that some 90% of recruiting agencies use LinkedIn to search for employees. They should also keep in mind the fact that 645 million people worldwide use it on a daily basis to keep in touch with one another.

So, if you're looking for work, here's a quick guide on how to come up with an attention-grabbing LinkedIn page that will make recruiters think that you're the candidate they've been looking for.

This post contains a bunch of useful tips for LinkedIn profile set-up using which you can make your Linkedin page immediately noticeable.

1. Invest Time to Land Jobs at LinkedIn

By sharing more info about yourself on the site, you stand a much better chance that headhunters are going to see your profile. There is also a greater likelihood that they will prefer it over those of other open candidates. Therefore, the more information your profile contains (and that includes both textual and graphic content), the easier it will be to detect it. Since headhunters usually find your page through recommendations, you shouldn't hesitate to post info about your skills, experience, and other people's opinions about you. It may take one day in total, but you will have numerous job opportunities in the long run. Luckily, you can check the effectiveness of your page by LinkedIn profile tips.

2. Use Discretion Choosing Your LinkedIn

Were you aware that profiles containing photographs get 21 times more views? Your LinkedIn picture shows potential employers that there is a living person behind the online persona. Once you add an image, you want to make sure you've selected the correct one. According to the research, even a slight variation in how your face is displayed can significantly change people's impression of you. You can use free photo testing tools to check what your image tells about you. Use friendly and professional-looking photos in which you look natural. One of LinkedIn profile tips is using images in which you are dressed appropriately and wear minimum jewelry, buttons, and headgear; smiling with your eyes to show confidence and friendliness may also help attract attention. If you can't afford to hire a professional photographer, you can ask a friend to take a picture of you.

3. Pay Attention to Your LinkedIn Cover Photo

The LinkedIn profile picture is paired with your cover photo. By using this feature, you can come up with a profile that really stands out because of its unique graphic content. LinkedIn users who post unique cover images get more connection requests, messages, and interview offers. Use a cover image that won't visually compete with a profile picture. Make sure it matches the color theme and design of your profile image, but keep it as simple as you can. LinkedIn accepts PNG, JPG, and GIF file formats and allows you to upload images sized 1584x396 pixels. Do not forget to check how your cover image looks on different devices. It may look great on your desktop, but its position or size may be different on the smartphone.

4. Your LinkedIn Headline Speaks Volumes About You

Here's one of the best LinkedIn tips - your headline will display on your page under your profile image. It is automatically generated on the basis of your current job title and employer. But the problem is that a title like this won't provide employers with any valuable info about you. Since most people never change this line, you have a better chance of standing out from other users with similar qualifications in your field. In 120 characters, you'll need to make headhunters want to visit your profile. Apart from showcasing your specialty, you should add a unique value proposition replying to the "So What? Why should I click on this profile?" question. You can also list your greatest achievements and focus on your strong points. But avoid using buzzwords like "specialized," "passionate," "expert," and "focused."

5. Come up With a LinkedIn Profile Summary That Will Make Everyone Say "Wow!"

Your summary provides you with a unique opportunity to generate interest in and draw attention to your unique set of skills. There are quite a few things you can write about in your summary. You can focus on your soft and hard skills, as well as the industries you've worked in. You may write about who you are, what professional values you adhere to, what contribution you have made to the field, and many other things. Your summary should be comprised of no more than 3-5 paragraphs and contain a bulleted list of responsibilities and accomplishments. You are free to include other information that you feel is relevant. Keep in mind, though, that the pieces of data should be concise, precise, and easily understandable, so they make sense to the recruiter.

6. Use Your CV to Add Info on Your Work and Education Background

If you are looking for a new job, you no doubt have a resume. So, you can update your LinkedIn profile by using your CV. To add new info to your profile, you should simply copy and paste the bits you feel will help you make it look more noteworthy. But if you have more time, you can transform every bullet point about your expertise into several sentences of the job description. Do not add facts that are not related to the most crucial aspects of your job. It's not a secret that head hunters are looking for overachievers. So, promote yourself as an overachiever and make sure to mention your most remarkable accomplishments.

7. Add Skills to Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn claims that you can be 27 times more visible to recruiters when you add at least 5 skills. As a registered user, you are allowed to add up to 50 skills to your page. Hiring managers are more likely to pay attention to your page if your skills correlate with their requirements. Basically, your skills serve as keywords, and if you use them accurately, your profile will show up in the results of the person who is looking for a particular specialist. This section allows you to add 50 keywords to your profile without being flagged as a spammer.

8. Ask People to Recommend You

Providing recommendations from people you have once worked with is absolutely crucial. Potential employers think of it as a reference, so be sure to request recommendations from your former bosses, colleagues, mentors, professors, etc. to add more value to your profile. One more way to get recommendations is to give them. People like being recommended, so there is a chance that they will return the favor.

9. Upload Multimedia to Your Summary

You can add links and media to your summary to showcase your achievements. You are free to add images, videos, and presentations to your summary; basically, you can show yourself in action rather than talking a lot about how unique your expertise is. Click the "Edit" button in the right-hand corner of the page, scroll down to your summary, and then add a file. With multimedia, your profile will look absolutely unique.

10. Include Your Volunteer Experience

Did you know that your volunteer experience can make a difference when a recruiter chooses between several candidates? One of the best LinkedIn tips is that 41% of hiring managers find volunteer experience equal to paid work experience. Also, about 20% of headhunters make their decision on the basis of a candidate's volunteer work experience. So do not neglect this section and brainstorm all the things you've done as a volunteer and add them to your profile.

11. Stay in Touch With Your Contacts

Maintain your most relevant professional contacts. When you are looking for new employment, one of them may provide you with a viable opportunity. You can congratulate people on their promotions, or their company being mentioned in the news. Or you can build strong personal relations by meeting with your connections face-to-face.

Start Building Your "All-Star Status" LinkedIn Profile Right Now

Having a winning LinkedIn profile is only part of the battle. You'll also have to invest time and effort in its development. It is a time-consuming mission that requires you to come up with a certain strategy. If you feel you can't do that on your own, you should ask a professional to do that for you. And if you're looking for one now, you can always contact us if even reading our LinkedIn profile tips didn't really help. We will provide you with an attractive LinkedIn profile that will take your job search to a new level.

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