Jobs You Can Do from Home - a Look at Remote Work

It is generally accepted that an office job is better and more profitable than working self-paced remotely. However, that is not always true - the employee's knowledge and skills often play a more significant role than the workplace. It is especially relevant in times of crisis when any entrepreneur strives to develop and looks for new forms of organizing a business activity for further growth.

Now the major job search portals, social networks, and specialized websites offer many remote job openings. In practice, finding a job with a decent salary and a transparent remuneration system without any deception is not so difficult. It is better to choose the type of activity based on your talents and personal abilities. An obtained education can be a good help as well here.

What Is a Remote Job?

In simple terms, remote jobs mean employment outside the office. Mostly, it comes to the execution of one-time orders or temporary cooperation based on a contract. For that, the home equipment and free Internet access are needed. At the same time, the employer and the employee do not meet personally, and payment is transferred to the bank card or digital wallet. Remote employees without a permanent contract are called freelancers.

This form of cooperation is mostly widespread in such areas as IT, HR, sales, accounting, design, marketing, and advertising. It should be noted that lazy, irresponsible, and unreliable persons will never be able to achieve success in remote employment since customers do not want to see such qualities in the performer of their orders.

However, if a person loves a particular job and knows exactly how much it is worth, the World Wide Web can provide many ways to direct these capacities to the money earning spot. It is also possible to consider part-time jobs you can do from home. So, what kind of jobs can you do from home? Let's take a closer look at several types of jobs you can do from home and without investment, which one can be suitable for you, and what requirements are imposed by employers if you are looking for work.


The work of a copywriter is considered a classic among other remote jobs. Copywriting is a real job from home, which consists of writing articles, posts, and various texts for social networking pages. It is divided into three main types:

  • Rewriting, i.e., rephrasing of the given text in other words

  • Creating new and original copies based on many sources of information or even without them

  • SEO writing when it is required to add keywords or phrases in the text

If you want to become a good copywriter, you need to have the following skills:

  • A high level of literacy

  • Increased speed of typing

  • Ability to expose your thoughts in writing

  • Perseverance and patience

In doing so, not every philologist is able to earn money on copywriting since, in addition to knowing the rules of spelling, punctuation, and stylistics, it is necessary to be versed in the subject. You can find many copywriter vacancies to work from home both on sites with regular job offers and freelance resources.

Tasks for writing texts on many topics and with different price ranges are published on particular employment exchanges regularly. You can also select part-time jobs you can do from home. According to complex databases collected by McMillen, copywriters generally earn between $35 and $65 thousand a year.

Social Media Moderator

The administrator or moderator in social media is an online work from home, which consists of maintaining groups or public pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. In terms of job duties, the moderator is responsible for everything that a content manager does. But in this case, the specialist also has to constantly communicate with the target audience, hold contests, create advertising posts, and perform other organizational activities.

The tasks of the moderator include posting articles, attracting subscribers, editing texts, describing products, responding to comments, and placing advertising banners. Leading one group takes a couple of hours a day, and you can moderate several groups if you wish. The average salary of social media moderators with full employment is about $42 thousand a year.

Call Center Operator

Everyone with good diction can try this type of remote job on a computer at home. The main task is to provide people with the information they need. It is necessary to inform customers about the services offered by the company and answer the questions asked via the Internet. Mainly, this work has two directions:

  • Handle incoming calls;

  • Sell goods or services, as well as provide customers with necessary information.

Such an employee has to be online and promptly respond to incoming calls or messages within the agreed time. Before starting a remote job of the kind, you first have to study the scope of activity and products offered by the employer. The average salary of a call center operator is $28 thousand a year.

Software Developer

Experts in programming are in high demand for working both in the office and remotely. In most cases, you can earn more money working from home. Many examples are known where people began to study programming languages after turning forty years old and became competent specialists in this field with a decent level of income. An experienced computer programmer can earn more than $100 thousand a year.

Not only those who had specialized training are able to work as software developers. Self-taught experts can perform this work since employers rarely require educational degrees in this field. Customers only need the result in the form of a software product. Today, the most demanding area of programming is the development of apps for mobile devices. Many companies are in a long search for good computer specialists.

Web Designer

Today, such specialists are in demand at almost the same level as programmers. However, actual competition in the market is very stiff. Earning big money right away is hardly possible. You should be ready to work for a nominal fee during the initial period until you master your techniques, and regular customers appear. When you build a pretty good portfolio, your earnings will start to grow up with an increase in orders.

This work is suitable for creative individuals. Web design includes such areas as 3D design, print design, creation of illustrations, video game design, flash graphics creation, as well as graphic and technical design. Particular customers can be found for each of these areas. For earning thousands of dollars for one project, you need to be a high-class specialist in several fields at once.


Work on stock and other exchanges is available to anyone today since all financial operations are made online. The task of any trader in any market is simple enough - you need to predict the rise or fall of the selected asset. It can be stocks and shares of Apple, Ford, Tesla, or any other company.

Whichever market you come to, be it stock, currency, futures, options, metals, or energy, the essence is the same - you have to determine whether to buy an asset or sell it. The income of professional traders is quite large, but financial risks should also be taken into account. Traders are generally divided by several categories:

  • Flow traders, who buy or sell financial assets on behalf of their customers;

  • Proprietary traders, who deal on behalf of banks;

  • Sales traders, who receive instructions from the clients and act as mediators between the customers and agents who execute trading operations.

Private Consultant

People who are well versed in a particular industry and have specialized education can make money on private consultations online. For example, lawyers, accountants, and psychologists often open up their individual practices. For communication with clients, you can use e-mail, Skype, and other Internet messengers. You can save money since you do not need to rent an office. It significantly affects the increase in your income.

To attract more customers, you can create your website or a page on some social network and describe on what topics the consultations are provided. People can also leave their comments there. Your income will depend on your experience, competence, abilities, and references from former clients. The average salary of a private consultant in the US is higher than that of other job postings nationwide.


Today, many companies are switching to the home office format, which attracts a large number of employees. This type of cooperation allows legal entities to save on rent, communication facilities, and salaries. Therefore, finding one of the jobs you can do from home is quite real. You just need to slowly and carefully assess your abilities and believe in success.

Working from home has some disadvantages, such as lack of live communication, low motivation, a sedentary lifestyle, limited career growth, and increased responsibility for the work performed. At the same time, the benefits of remote jobs are apparent, namely independent planning of the workload, lack of need to spend time and money on traveling to the office and back, and an ability to combine several types of earnings.

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