How to Answer Top Job Interview Questions - Best Answers

If you are eager to know how to effectively deal with a situation when you're asked tough interview questions, you should do what other great candidates do. They think of good answers to interview questions long before the interview takes place.

But how do you know what the interviewer is going to ask you? You're no psychic, and you can't read their mind, right? However, you can prepare for some of them by trying to answer common job interview questions and answers. In this article, we will provide you with a good piece of advice on how to respond to interview questions and prove that you are a perfect match for the role you're applying for.

We encourage you to read our detailed analysis of top job interview questions and answers. Thanks to that, you have a splendid opportunity to check out the best interview answers and decide what your own responses are going to be like.

Tell Me About Yourself

There's a strong likelihood that your interview will start with such a phrase. This question is asked to see if you are the right candidate for the position you're applying for. So why ask this question if it's so easy to reply? It is not that simple, and most of the applicants fail to answer it satisfactorily. When they ask you this question, the last thing they want to hear from you is what your cat's name is and if you are happy with your life. Try to predict what they want to learn about you: for example, how your experience will benefit their company. So, why not tell the interviewer about your previous responsibilities that are relevant for this job position? You can also let them know about how you got there and what motivates you.

Interview Answer Example

"As a Customer Support Agent, I am really passionate about communicating with people. During the 4 years I worked in the company that specialized in online marketing, I managed to build a strong bond with our customers. That fact alone resulted in a 35% increase in sales.

I guess you are looking for people who know how to set marketing goals. People who don't just want to make plans but also focus on them. As someone who succeeded in exceeding the target figure by 15%, I dare say that I am a result-oriented individual who will stop at nothing to achieve my goals."

Why Do You Want to Work at this Company?

When you hear this question, you should avoid giving generic answers that can apply to any company. That is why we recommended doing research about the company before the big interview. A good answer to this question is what makes the company special to you and what you like most about it. You can also describe a time when you became interested in this company and how you were watching it grow and develop. It is a good idea to let the interviewer know about your interaction with one of the employees that shaped your perception of the company. Be specific when answering to interview questions.

Example Answer

"Your company is a leader in teaching foreign languages to students of different ages. You've worked with my younger sister, and she achieved excellent results in Spanish. I am passionate about teaching, and like all great candidates, I want to become part of your friendly team. I like the way you treat every student, and it matches my teaching style. The atmosphere during your lessons is friendly, and teachers explain everything in great detail. If I were a parent of a kid, I would choose your company."

What is Your Greatest Professional Achievement?

Don't be too shy when you are asked to talk about your achievements. The best way to answer interview questions is to be honest about your results in your previous job. The STAR method (situation, task, action, results) is by far the best if you're eager to showcase your accomplishments. Why was it crucial for you to take this or that action? What was your task, and who gave it to you? What was your strategy? What results did you achieve at the end of your project? Try answering all these questions before you get asked them during the interview.

Example Answer

"Web marketing requires one to keep track of the latest trends. I noticed that our website was out of date, and that was causing us to lose our customers. They preferred to do their shopping elsewhere because they had an entirely different experience there. I told my boss what steps we needed to take to update our website. I also showed them a financial plan I came up with and let them know about the resources we needed to make it work. After I was given the green light, I put together a team, and we started to implement my plan. After a month, our conversion rate increased by 32%."

How Do You Deal With Stressful Situations?

The recruiter wants to know what you did when you were facing a stressful situation and how your previous experience helped you handle it. The situation might occur due to a lot of hard work or a conflict with your colleagues. "What would you do to resolve it?" - might be the next question they will ask you. Do not tell them that you have never faced a situation like this before. That will let them know nothing about your stress resistance. Instead, you should come up with a concrete strategy that will allow you to resolve this problem.

Example Answer

"Once, we had a pretty urgent order from our customer. He wanted us to provide him with a solution in a day. However, the data he provided us with suggested that it would take us two days to do the things he asked us for. So, I just focused on the goal and split the project into smaller tasks. I delegated the ones that could be done quickly and didn't require much expertise to other team members. The rest of the tasks, i.e., the ones that required specific knowledge, I did by myself. With such an approach, we made significant progress and managed to deliver the solution on time."

What Are Your Goals for the Future?

By asking this question, the hiring manager wants to learn if you are serious about this job position. The best answers for this question will describe your desired work and how this job offer aligns with your goals.

Example Answer

"I am looking for the job I can hold for a long time. One that will provide me with an opportunity for self-development. Since your company provides opportunities for career growth, I am more than interested in the position of Junior Software Developer. My long-term goal is to eventually become Team Leader and Project Manager."

We just covered 5 best answers to job interview questions. But apart from these job interview questions and answers examples, you may be asked the following:

  1. What is your salary expectation?
  2. What did you like about the job you had?
  3. Why should we hire you?
  4. Why do you want to quit your current job?
  5. What are you passionate about?
  6. Do you have any questions?

Being knowledgeable about the best interview questions, you can think of effective answers in a relaxed atmosphere.

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