How to Get a Job Fast

Each of us has searched for work at least once, and each had particular circumstances for that. Some people can find an excellent job in a few days, others are looking for it a couple of weeks, and some stay in search of work for years. However, not everyone can afford to look for a well-paid job for several months in a row. Some life situations require getting work very quickly.

Sometimes job searches become similar to full-time work. Every day you are sifting through vacancies, sending out resumes, writing emails, but no one offers you a job. How not to become a permanent job seeker and break the vicious circle of job search? The answer to this question is related to your understanding of why this is happening and what to undertake for finding a decent job.

Why Cannot You Find a Job for a Long Time?

You consider yourself the right specialist and qualified employee, but you cannot find a job for too long. So, it is worth thinking about whether you are doing everything right. Maybe you missed some recommendations on how to get a job fast. Also, you are probably making mistakes and do not notice them. Make an objective assessment of the situation, and perhaps you will reveal some faults. The most common reasons that prevent you from finding a job can be:

1. Your job requirements are very high or stringent. If you are fixated only on a specific position, wage rate, social security package, be ready that the job that meets all these requirements will not be found right away. It is unlikely that you can immediately get a job that will perfectly fit into your tight frames.

2. You underestimate or overestimate yourself. Both low and high self-esteem can prevent you from getting the desired position. When assessing your knowledge, experience, and personal qualities, an employer may see an apparent discrepancy between your resume and your real capabilities.

For example, you have both substantial experience and high qualifications, and you are applying for a vacancy that does not correspond to your skills. Any employer may consider that you are searching for temporary employment, and you are going to quit this job soon.

3. Your resume is incorrectly prepared. If your resume has some confusion in chronological order, grammatical and spelling errors, standard phrases, and cliches, any company leader will most likely disregard it and invite another applicant with a more attractive resume.

4. You send the same resume to completely different vacancies. Different job openings require different knowledge and skills. If your resume contains only general phrases that seem to be suitable for various positions, it may look as if you do not have any specific expertise needed for the given job.

5. When sending out a resume, you miss enclosing a cover letter. Oddly enough, this is a fairly common mistake among applicants looking for ways of how to get a job fast. However, just a few lines in the cover letter can indicate that you are interested in this particular vacancy.

6. You do not call employers, but send them your resume silently. Of course, employers often specify only an email address in job descriptions, without indicating a contact phone number. But if the phone number is available, what stops you from calling the recruiter and asking whether your resume is received or maybe immediately arranging a job interview?

7. After the job interview, you do nothing to find out the outcome. If the employer did not contact you within the agreed time to inform you about the results, it is better to clarify the situation without harboring false hopes immediately. Even if your candidacy is not approved, you can call and find out what your weaknesses are. Besides, the employer might have different circumstances that prevented from contacting you on time.

8. You hide from everybody. Many top managers are willing to listen to some recommendations and act accordingly. Maybe somebody from your circle knows about the vacancy of your dreams and keeps silent because he or she does not know about your needs. So, the availability of the necessary information and useful connections can significantly facilitate the search for work.

How to Deal With Protracted Job Searches?

The question of how to find a job fast is tormenting many people when the circumstances are against them. Solving this issue will require a rational mind, efforts, and maybe, a bit of luck. Analyze the situation from the outside and try to identify your main mistakes. Working on errors will allow you to avoid an unfortunate situation in the future and achieve your goal at last. Also, the following tips will be hopefully useful for you.

Most importantly is to overcome laziness, moderate ambitions, and cope with fears. The desired job is unlikely to be found if you do not put in the effort. No matter how corny it sounds, but seeking employment is also a kind of work. So, you need to take it seriously if you want to succeed in how to get a job fast. After all, as they say, the main secret of success is 10% of talent and 90% of work.

Reconsider your requirements for the job you are searching for. If you are not ready to make concessions, you can hardly find the perfect job that will satisfy all your requirements in no time. Of course, you should not radically reduce your requests and agree to any position, barring extreme cases. But if you cannot find the right vacancy that meets your criteria, it would be wise to expand the search area and consider similar options, albeit not ideal from your point of view. Even if you have a narrow work specialization, it is worth monitoring jobs in related industries.

Be sure to mention your salary expectations. Employers pay more attention to those resumes that have the level of desired wages. If your experience is not significant, this figure should be taken critically. A salary with many zeros is paid to professionals who have passed a thorough selection. This selection process takes time, but you just do not have it. Soundly evaluate your knowledge and skills, as well as compare it to the average wage in the market. You can reduce the rate by 10-15%.

However, do not overdo it. Otherwise, an HR manager might be in doubt about your professionalism.

Use various resources to find a suitable job. You should not dwell on only one or two positions. Register on multiple websites, post your resume there and resort to social networks. For example, you can find many features on Facebook and LinkedIn, using which company leaders are searching for employees and post different vacancies. The best vacancies are filled very quickly. Use specialized mobile apps for job searches. In this way, you will be well posted anytime and anywhere. Also, you will have an opportunity to send your resume and respond to the interview invitations promptly.

Devote time to self-education. The labor market is very dynamic, and every day higher demands are made to new applicants. If your experience is not vast and your skills are limited, this is an excellent reason to learn something new. At present, you can find various lessons, training courses, and master classes in any field of activity. It is never too late to learn. By gaining new knowledge, you will stand out from other applicants. And even if you have proper qualifications and skills in the given profession, it will always be useful to learn something new or master the related spheres.

Ask your friends and mates about available vacancies. Do not neglect the help of close people. Word of mouth is one of the best ways of how to find a job fast. Many job seekers have found their employers thanks to their acquaintances. Even if you do not want to use contacts to get a job, information about suitable vacancies can be your advantage. You can get in the right place at the right time.

Make a high-quality resume. It is one of the most crucial points of how to get a job fast. Do not neglect the tips for creating your resume, as many recommendations are based on the experience of other job seekers and HR managers. If you are not confident in your abilities, contact a more experienced friend or a professional recruiter to build a perfect resume.

Write several variants of your resume. When applying for different positions, it is better to have the best-suited option for each job. Emphasizing individual skills and work experience will show the employer that you wish to branch out in this area. Also, the principles of the company and for whom to work is of importance for you.

When sending your resume to different employers, be sure to do it with cover letters. Let it be just a few lines, but indicate specific details presenting an interest to the employer. The reader of your resume will definitely pay attention to your desire to work for this company and in a particular position. Let the employer understand that you are not just mechanically sending out your resume, but you are willing to obtain this specific job.

If possible, ask previous employers or teachers for recommendations. In this way, you will prove that you were a good employee and left the past job without any incident. Also, it would be useful to indicate your real achievements and a positive assessment of your work in these letters. You may also ask your former employer for advice. Any assistance will be useful to you. The person who gives the recommendation should provide a phone number for possible verification.

And finally, never give up. As soon as you decide to get out of the game, all potential employers will no longer be interested in you. You have to believe in yourself and your success. Do not get discouraged while searching for a job. If you delete your resume from all websites, stop navigating through vacancy announcements, respond to the selected job offers, you are screwed. Nobody will knock on your door and bring a suitcase with money. You have to be persistent in achieving your goal.

Thus, if you considered the above-mentioned tips on how to find a job fast and your job search took longer than you expected, do not despair. Only persistent and purposeful job seekers can find work quickly. Good luck in finding your ideal job as promptly as possible!

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